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noviron was founded in 2020 by solar energy veterans Niclas Weimar and Dricus de Rooij. They have been managing Sinovoltaics, a Technical De-Risking Consultancy business, active in solar energy and energy storage, since 2009. The company services stakeholders in the utility-scale solar energy and energy storage space, including juwi, Innogy, EON, Fortum, Munich Re, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, etc. 

Noviron was born out of a personal need for continuous development by industry insiders.

Dricus de Rooij, co-founder at Noviron explains: “Having built a technical consultancy business over the past decade, our team values curiosity, and we consider continuous learning part of our DNA. Most training companies in the Renewable Energy space have moved from classroom training to live sessions on platforms such as Zoom during the pandemic. Unfortunately, from our experience, such sessions do not match the quality of classroom training and often can be intensely dull! We’re familiar with the renewable energy training landscape, and we’ve been keen to get involved and change it for the better. 

Developments in Renewable Energy are evolving very quickly. But, alas, we see that traditional learning institutes cannot keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Also, we see that many courses are theoretical; they’re taught only by academics instead of by real industry insiders or a mix of them. 

At Noviron we believe Renewable Energy training should be engaging and interactive. Learners need to network, interact with industry colleagues, and follow training on their own terms. That’s why we founded Noviron.”

Noviron aims to be the #1 training platform in the Renewable Energy Education space. You can expect to learn from the industry experts, to network with fellow industry leaders and access the latest insights that will give you an edge in your day-to-day work.

Did we mention that Noviron produces the highest quality training in the Renewable Energy industry? See for yourself by watching one of our free courses and start learning now.


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Become a Leader of the Energy Transition by accessing our unique renewable energy e-learning platform with exclusive insights and content from industry expert trainers and professionals. Our students are transforming the world of energy.

Noviron engages with industry expert trainers and creates interactive, live, and on-demand online courses. The practical training courses focus on topics related to the Energy Transition, most notably solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, energy storage, geothermal energy, and hydrogen.

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