Large-scale PV Power Plants.
Improving Yields and Reducing Costs and Risks

Live training introduction 

This course is intended for individuals involved in the everyday operation of PV systems or who are responsible for obtaining services related to the maintenance of PV Power Plants systems. 

We offer an effective O&M program focused on risk reductions and system performance optimized throughout its life cycle. Attendees will be taught about the various mechanisms of yield reduction degradation, drivers of O&M costs, and risks, and the tools to tackle them. We will explain how to reduce costs and ensure safe and proper system functioning. 

What you will learn 

  • Yield reduction causes and its influence on the PV plant business case  
  • Techniques to detect and quantify plant underperformance  
  • Optimization tools that can be applied during plant design or to optimize operational margins  
  • Carry out Operation of Solar PV Power Plant. 
  • Safety aspects of PV plant operations and maintenance 

Who should join

  • Technicians
  • PV plant operators
  • Feet operators
  • Operation and maintenance teams
  • Asset managers
  • Business development managers 
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Training overview 


Session 1, 3h 


Yield reduction causes and its influence on the pv plant business case 

  • Underperformance in PV plants
  • How to recognize and define technical problems: PID, LeTID, hot spots, soiling, tracker misalignment
  • How to prioritize technical issues
  • How to solve technical problems  

Detection and quantification techniques 

  • Tools and techniques that find and identify the problems: 
  1. IV-curve tracking 
  2. IR inspection 
  3. SCADA data analytics tools 
  • How to prevent potential problems and troubleshoot actual issues
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How it works

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The online training will take place over 2 days and it will be lasting 3 hours.


The session will be recorded and sent out to all registered delegates.


Once you’ve registered for the training, we will email you with all information and login credentials.

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Large Scale PC Power Plant training will introduce you to every day operations of PV systems, risk reductions, system optimizations and much more.

Training methodology

The agenda will combine presented materials with plenty of opportunities for Q&A, interactive discussions, and the use of quantitative models to illustrate key learning points. Current market examples and data are utilized wherever helpful.

Course Certificate



After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.