Mastering Clean Hydrogen

Extensive 5 day long live online course

Mastering Clean Hydrogen


Clean hydrogen is being marketed as the future fuel, promising to deliver an abundance of carbon-neutral energy by 2030. Proponents say it will power long-distance transport vehicles, aircraft, steel production, and home heating.   

This course is a comprehensive, compact introduction to the field of clean hydrogen which will provide you with a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks involving hydrogen technology, capabilities, development and market implementation timeline scenarios, growth potential, technical limits and barriers, and the current and future trends that will determine the role that hydrogen will play in our future energy systems.   

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What you will learn?

  • Hydrogen industry technologies, terminologies, and metrics
  • Hydrogen trend and the current state of the industry 
  • Hydrogen applications: transport, heating, power generation, manufacturing
  • Hydrogen production process  
  • Green hydrogen: status, opportunities and risks 
  • Practical delivery challenges in clean hydrogen projects 

Who should attend

The Mastering Clean Hydrogen training is designed for those involved in the hydrogen and natural gas energy industry, including: 

  • Project and Project Finance Managers  
  • Risk Managers  
  • Renewable power project developers  
  • Natural gas producers and traders  
  • Electrolysis technology developers  
  • Gas distribution network owners  
  • Investors (funds and project finance providers)  
  • Government institutions 
  • Regulators and Policymakers  
  • Business Development Managers  
  • Market Analysts
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How it works?

6th – 10th September 2022

The online training will take place over five days, each day 3 hours session.


The session will be recorded and sent out to all registered delegates.


Once you’ve registered for the training, we will email you with all information and login credentials.

Training agenda

Session 1, 3h

Evaluation of key applications of the hydrogen market  

Identifying drivers of demand for hydrogen
Identifying growth challenges
Investigating the role of hydrogen in energy transition programs and policies 

Session 2, 3h

Hydrogen in industrial applications

Hydrogen in industry
– Hydrogen in transport
Hydrogen in heat and power  


Session 3, 3h

Hydrogen production  

Types of hydrogen
Types of electrolyzing technology
Hydrogen production status, cost comparison, and forecast  

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Understand the role of hydrogen and trends in future energy systems, and the business opportunities associated with clean hydrogen.

Training methodology

The agenda will combine presented materials with plenty of opportunities for Q&A, interactive discussions, and the use of quantitative models to illustrate key learning points. Current market examples and data are utilized wherever helpful.


Course Certificate


After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.