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Live Renewable Energy Training to Unlock your Potential.

Access interactive renewable energy training programs about green energy technologies and unlock your potential. Today’s fast-increasing number of renewable energy projects demands quality education that can enable you to undertake any project with the greatest knowledge and confidence.

Noviron connects knowledge seekers and the best experts in their field from all around the world. Noviron’s mission is to build a bridge through knowledge and mentorship with top world-class experts in their field in well-rounded virtual live courses that you can take from anywhere, at any time, from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere you want.

Learning without Boundaries.

Noviron Live online training removes the geographical limitations allowing you to train with global experts no matter where you are. Simply join the live sessions using your computer and interact with top-tier trainers in solar, wind, hydropower, and energy storage. Learn the best practices, innovative solutions, and trends in renewable energy. These skills will enable you to do your best work and open up endless opportunities in the sector.

World-class Experts
Live Online Training

Live Virtual Interaction & Practical Scenarios.

Studies reveal there’s a clear correlation between the way you learn and your actual performance in the field. With that in mind, we prepare the best and valuable content from industry experts, taught in the most revolutionary, modern, and technological ways – a unique interactive style. The Instructor-led training provides an opportunity to ask questions and share your ideas, just like the best University classroom.

During Live online training, you enroll in virtual meeting rooms and have the unique opportunity to engage in breakout rooms, virtual training labs, and whiteboards. All Noviron’s live online training are collaborative and engaging.

Unique Expertise.

Noviron focuses on onboarding world-class renewable energy experts. The training extent is on hydrogen, Noviron focuses on onboarding world-class renewable energy experts. The training extent is on hydrogen, hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and energy storage. Together with experts, Noviron directs the resources on creating in-depth training that guarantees you the utmost value at any time.

Energy Experts

Expert Trainers.

Noviron engages subject-matter experts in solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, geothermal energy, energy storage to create and teach its live online training. Learn from the best in the field and immediately boost your career and take part in the transition into the renewable energy world as an industry leader.

Why choose Noviron Live Online Training?

Acquire In-person Training Experience Virtually

Noviron Live training offers the benefits of a traditional classroom and more. Ask questions, talk to your instructor before and after class, complete exercises, and participate in group discussions.

An Opportunity for International Networking

Meet with experts and knowledge seekers from all over the world with different life and work experiences. You have the chance to share yours too, and expand your circle of acquaintances and build a network for a lifetime.

Full Video Training Recorded

Though each lesson occurs only once, learners receive a video recording. You can refer to this video any time you want to refresh your memory or compare your notes with the happenings of the class.

Earn Recognized Certification

Attend classes, complete assignments and tests, and receive a globally recognized certificate after each virtual course.

Perfectly Fit Your Schedule

Learn from anywhere using the internet, while no travel is needed. Benefit from learning new skills and earning a prestigious certification while still working or taking care of your family.

Endless Options, Unlimited Opportunities.

In the Noviron e-Learning platform, discussions don’t end in the classroom. Learners and tutors can join forums to interact with other learners, trainers, and professionals directly on the platform. Find interesting and exciting discussions of all sorts of topics. Get the answer to your questions by experts and other professionals, read and learn about their opinion and experience, and explore a world of endless opportunities.

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