2022 Calendar – Live Online Courses


evolution of the power grid

Evolution of the power grid
23rd of Jun 2022

Peter Kelly-Detwiler will introduce you to some of the critical issues, technologies, and challenges in integrating power systems and power grids.

Large-scale PV Power Plants
28th – 29th of Jun 2022

Improving Yields and Reducing Costs and Risks

Mastering Clean Hydrogen
6th – 10th of September 2022

Understand the role of hydrogen, trends in future energy systems and the business opportunities associated with clean hydrogen.

Mastering Energy Storage
12th – 14th of September 2022

Gain an understanding of the technical, market and financial aspects of grid-connected energy storage.

Electric Vehicles and Grid
20th – 24th of September 2022

A comprehensive, multi-module eLearning package about electric vehicles for a broad audience.

Green Ammonia
27th of September 2022

The Future of Energy & the Energy of the Future

Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement
3rd – 7th of October 2022

Comprehensive training about PPAs from a legal and project finance perspective

Carbon Pricing, Tax & Trading Policies
13th – 15th of October 2022

Gain a solid understanding of how carbon pricing works, its impact on society and businesses and the current opportunities around the world.

Mastering Wind Power
19th – 23rd of October 2022

Course that provides comprehensive and in-depth insights into the Wind energy space.

ESG & Sustainable Finance
26th – 30th of October 2022

Understand how sustainability is rewiring financial systems to benefit society and business.

Solar Energy Masterclass
10th – 14th of November 2022

Extend your knowledge and skills in photovoltaics and connect with industry and academic experts.

Carbon capture, utilization and storage
18th – 21st of November 2022

Explore technologies that can deliver a long-term solution to protect our planet’s atmosphere from excess carbon dioxide.

Cryptocurrency and environmental sustainability
25th – 27th of November 2022

Learn how blockchain works, how this technology has evolved and the challenges and chances it brings to environmental sustainability.

Mastering Renewable Energy Project Finance
7th – 11th of December 2022

Get an insightful overview of the existing markets, architectures and industry players associated with financing and investing in renewable energy projects.

Decarbonizing Crypto
22nd – 25th of December 2022

Find out how by collaborating and acting on the decarbonisation of the sector, crypto has a meaningful opportunity to convert energy requirement into renewable energy demand, driving the growth of the global renewables market.