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Video Training – Efficiently.

Efficiency is a word of excellence to every Noviron training. Learn at your own pace from anywhere and any device – from the comfort of your home or office, and with the highest audio and video quality. Thanks to the latest technologies, Noviron ensures that your experience is exceptional, and you connect with the Best Experts in the field. Embark on a journey through renewable energy high-quality video training while watching and replaying as many times as necessary until you are delighted.

World-class Top-rated, Mentors, Industry Experts, and Opinion Leaders.

Become a Leader in Renewable Energy, Learn from the Best in the field. Noviron brings to you world-class Experts as your own Trainer. Noviron’s unique pool of Trainers includes industry thought leaders, consultants, researchers, and professionals in the renewable energy sector.

Energy Experts

Practical, Interactive, Well-rounded Training.

Noviron partners with world-class experts and creates well-rounded training. We specialize in wind, solar, energy storage, and hydrogen. The video training courses cover technical, business, and legal aspects of the development and distribution of renewable energy. You find up-to-date training on the industry’s best practices, current trends, and innovative solutions.

Renewable Energy Training on Any Device.

Learn on the go with Noviron video training courses. You can access plenty of top-quality pre-recorded renewable energy videos for students from a device of your choice. Whether you use a smartphone or computer, you find practical and theoretical training to move your career forward.

Learning with Noviron: Your Learning, Your Rules.

Each online video training is organized in chapters and days, and you can decide how fast or slow you take them. You find a mix of bite-sized videos and audios of different lengths covering both theory and practice, with real-life examples and exercises. On each training progress page, you can follow your progress and test scores and maintain a fresh and high motivation throughout the training.

Why Noviron Online Video Training?

Interactive Learning and Practical Case Studies

Enhance your skill mastery and knowledge retention with interactive online video training and practical examples.

Test Your Knowledge in Real-Life Scenarios

Once completed a session, jump into real-life scenarios and test your knowledge with the most innovative and engaging evaluation tools. From quizzes to questionnaires and much more to come, test your acquired knowledge in the real world.

Open Forums and Community Channels

Share your questions, and contribute to the active renewable energy expert community made by fellow students, expert tutors, and industry leaders.

Welcoming and Highly Professional Tech Support

Missing a session because of the internet, or because of the browser, or perhaps facing internet issues? With Noviron’s Professional team of Helpdesk experts, any technical issues will be solved directly.

Be a Member of a Global Classroom

Connect with a global network of learners, get motivated and experience the influence of social learning. Share experiences and ideas with fellow students and tutors at each step of your training.

Map your Learning Progress

Track your progress, and be in control of your learning path. And finally, when you are ready, test your knowledge and earn a certificate upon successful completion.

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