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Driven by climate change, the world is transitioning to a greener economy, aiming for zero carbon.

While this will inevitably pose significant challenges to economic growth and employment on a global scale, also led to new opportunities, with new and presumably even more jobs in demand in the long-term.

Let’s have a look first at:

The facts about clean energy jobs

Renewable energy jobs have grown to 12 million in the past year. Along with Internet commerce and gaming, they have withstood the economic disruptions of the Covid 19 pandemic. This already makes renewable energy a good career choice. But there is more to it.

Image: IRENA

Renewables as a future-proof career choice

With more and more major companies stepping in and governments supporting clean and green energy projects, the demand for qualified professionals is growing quickly in this sector. And this goes already beyond the leading experts, energy technicians, and engineers. The industry is opening on a broader scale, and it has to if we want to achieve set goals in time.

The jobs within the renewable started reaching completely different fields from consultants, IT developers, analysts to lawyers and marketing experts.
Moreover, the recently concluded United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( COP 26 ) reinforced the urgent need for a clean, reliable energy supply for every country and a sustainable, climate-friendly economy.

Together with an ever-growing awareness, it gives even stronger momentum to moving towards net-zero and creating a way out of the climate crisis. In consequence, with positive effects on employment since, simply worded, all hands are needed on deck.

5 Tips for Getting a Job in Renewable Energy

Get (your) overview
Start your research and gather information about renewable energy, clean energy, and the energy transition – get a picture of what is connected with it, the challenges, and opportunities. The best practice is to start with just google and work your way through the findings. Look also at general job sites. They are helpful for getting a feel for pay and requirements.

Get knowledge
Research training, courses, and conferences. There are plenty of knowledge sources out there for different needs and levels. Like we are also offering at, obviously.

Just think about the good old sayings: “Knowledge is key” and “You never stop learning”. Definitely, knowledge is self-development, and for the purpose of a job search, knowledge will benefit your interview skills and increase your chances to get a job – not only in renewable but in general.

Get social
Do the networking and stay informed on job openings, events, and other opportunities. Using social platforms like LinkedIn, for example, can help you to keep up-to-date on new developments and jobs. You can follow industry leaders who are sharing insights and network with experts and recruiters directly.

Consider an Internship
Education is critical, but so is experience. Internships can provide you with hands-on working experience and learn directly from the experts in the field.

Think out of the box
Sure, most jobs so far require particular and professional education, especially when you are after an engineer or technician vacancy. With renewables gaining so much momentum currently, more and more kinds of different experts are needed.

Like sales and marketing experts, installers, product, and graphic designers, lawyers, and many more – who will also need to have a piece of certain knowledge and skills around renewable energy to do their work with the head.

Summing up

Renewable energy jobs are on the rise and most likely future-proof. It’s a great industry to get into, and you have the best chances doing something good for our planet if you are passionate about it.

While the energy transition is not limiting the opportunities to high degree absolvents and engineers only, it’s expanding in nearly all areas.

And while finding a job or starting your career is always a challenge – there is always the opportunity within.